Bruno Molea in South Korea
Bruno Molea in South Korea
  • 스포츠 피플 타임즈(Sports people times)
  • 승인 2020.01.10 11:58
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South Korean CSIT member KOWSC invited CSIT President Bruno Molea to visit South Korea


Bruno Molea took part in some special cultural initiatives in South Korea and met together with KOWSC Chairman Myung Soo Eo representatives of Korean institutions. On this occasion, the CSIT President also visited sports facilities where KOWSC organises sports and cultural festivals. The trip also covered the south of the country, the Island of Jeju, which KOWSC intends to use as venue for CSIT World Sports Games or CSIT Championships.


The CSIT delegation was welcomed by the Governor of Jeju Island, who expressed the will and determination to host CSIT World Sports Games. Jeju Island, also known as the peaceful island, has proven its ability to host major sports events in recent years by hosting several national sports festivals and World Cups. KOWSC demonstrates a high level of quality in terms of logistics and technical preparation of staff.


The island's stake holders were also present at the meetings, which presented the sports facilities and other important places where CSIT athletes and families from all over the world can be welcomed and catered for. There is a strong network of authorities, private organisations and sponsors supporting KOWSC's bid for the CSIT World Sports Games on Jeju Island.


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