Covid-19 pandemic also affects CSIT plans
Covid-19 pandemic also affects CSIT plans
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Covid-19 pandemic also affects CSIT plans

Covid-19 pandemic also affects CSIT plans
Covid-19 pandemic also affects CSIT plans


The worldwide Corona Covid-19 pandemic forces many organizers to reschedule or cancel


As always in the years between the CSIT World Sport Games, numerous events and CSIT Single Championships were scheduled for 2020. The Corona Covid-19 virus and the currently exploding pandemic are shaking up the CSIT calendar of events, as they do for IOC, UEFA and many other world sports federations.  

Even though no CSIT sports events have been cancelled yet, CSIT ExCom advises that any flight and accommodation bookings for those events should not be made yet or only with cancellation insurance in case of cancellations or postponements due to the pandemic. CSIT advises all members to wait for the results of the "pre-registrations" according to the official event invitation and then coordinate with the CSIT General Secretariat and the hosts on site before booking!

The first CSIT Championships of the year are scheduled to take place at the end of June in a very exotic destination. CSIT member INDET Mexico has announced the CSIT Beach Volleyball Championships in Acapulco from June 30 to July 5 and invited all CSIT members to a spectacular event in a worldwide famous resort.

TUL Finland has even scheduled two CSIT individual championships in 2020. The first event of the Finnish Workers' Sports Association would be the tennis championships at the Pajulahti Sports Institute from July 26 to August 1. The second event in Finland would be the CSIT swimming championships in Oulu from August 26 to August 30. Both championships would also be open to CSIT members and non-members.

Furthermore, the CSIT chess and gymnastics championships would be planned in Italy. Chess in Rome in autumn, gymnastics in Cesenatico in November. In addition, the 30th anniversary of the Bulgarian workers' federation "Sport and Health" in Albena and the AICS Vela sailing championships in Ostia, Italy are also on the 2020 schedule.

Some CSIT events have already had to be reorganized or cancelled. The ExCom meeting in Vienna in mid-March turned into an online conference at short notice. The 3rd Bridges Meeting in Thessaloniki (Greece) in March had to be cancelled due to Corona as well as the YOUAca Meeting scheduled for Vienna (Austria) in the context of the ExCom Meeting.

Again, the development of the Covid-19 pandemic has to be awaited and a new schedule has to be set.

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